Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Real" food

Aly has been eyeing our dinner plates for the past month and a half, but we've managed to hold off on solid foods until now. The pediatrician's advice was to start her out on rice cereal mixed with Mom's milk until it was soupy... yuck. What a way to be introduced to real food - rice cereal. Aly didn't hide her distaste very well, although she seemed to like the idea of chewing on the rubber-coated spoon with her two new (and very first) teeth.

We later found that if we mixed the rice cereal with some watered-down white grape juice, Aly found it tolerable. Like granulated sugar on your cornflakes, I guess...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hair bows

Apparently making hair bows is a "must have" skill for mommies with little girls. Here is Erin's first attempt. A special thanks to her friend Lyndsie for teaching her and providing her with her first time supplies. Now she's hooked. And another thanks to Aly for making it look so good. Now hopefully no one will ask if she is a boy or a girl.