Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving On

Tomorrow, the great Glabe family adventure officially begins. Over the next year, Dave's clinical rotations will take us coast to coast across 11 different states, settling in four of them for 3 months apiece. The first destination: St. George, UT.

Moving is bittersweet. We'll certainly miss the many friends we've made and the natural beauty of Oregon, but we're anticipating great experiences ahead and looking forward to some consistent sunshine:)

I was going through my church bag today, where I found and re-read a copy of Elder Holland's 1999 conference talk entitled "An High Priest of Good Things to Come". A portion of the talk was turned into this video below:

I thought it no coincidence that the talk bears the following resemblances to our own circumstances:

1) Elder Holland was traveling to attend school with his family, consisting of his wife and 2 young children
2) They had a U-Haul trailer with all their earthly possessions inside
3) They were dirt poor
4) They were traveling through St. George, UT
5) Elder Holland and Dave both have dark hair and are stunningly handsome men:)

And that is where I hope the similarities end... I don't want our car to break down in Kannaraville, in spite of the fact that the population has grown to a whopping 318 since Elder Holland's time.

We'll try to keep everyone updated... wish us luck! If we can survive the next 3 days of travel with the kids, we might just make it.