Saturday, January 22, 2011

First eye exam

Aly had her first "official" comprehensive eye exam today. It is recommended for all children to be examined by an optometrist (not just a pediatrician) between 6-12mo of age, but we put it off a bit longer because Dave has been examining her eyes since day 1. Aly did great - she didn't even flinch when the dilating drops went in, and only fussed about the fact that the doctor kept getting in the way of the movie during retinoscopy. We're happy to report that our little princess appears to have Mom's good eyes - thank goodness she hasn't shown any signs of Dad's nearsightedness! The first picture below documents her reward - a popsicle! She even tolerated the sunglasses for most of the afternoon, which is good since her eyes were dilated. After the drops wore off a bit, we all went to the park and played in the (rare) sunshine.

3D family photos

Every now and then, Dave decides to pick up a new hobby. Recently, he determined that he was going to get into stereo photography (3D photography). He managed to build most of the camera rig himself. We've decided to post some of his first attempts around the house. For those of you who can't cross your eyes well, these will hold little value for you. But if you can, you're in for a treat... 3D photos of the Glabe family (and some other miscellaneous items).

(To view these properly, you'll have to click on the photos, then make your eyes cross until the two photos blend into a third photo in the center. It may help you to hold your finger out in the center of the photos, focus on it, and bring it closer to your nose while noticing when the photos begin to "merge" together. This will probably happen with your finger ~6 inches from your nose - then shift your focus back to the merged center photo and - voila! - the photos appear three-dimensional. If you can't get it to work, Dave suggests some vision therapy to work on your relative convergence ability).