Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Visits

With Aly's baby blessing, we had the chance to see our families. Dave's mom (Grandma Glabe) arrived early and stayed with us for a whole week. (Uncle) Brian and (Aunt) Melinda arrived next, with Aly's cousins Jaya, Joshua, and Avary. Grandpa and Grandma Shurtz, Uncle Matt, Aunt Katie, and Aunt Jenny (with Aly's cousin Meagan) also came to be with us. Here are some of the photos of the great memories we made together.

Aly's Baby Blessing

Aly's baby blessing was last Sunday, May 10th, and a number of family members traveled here to witness it. The blessing was a beautiful and sacred occasion, and a time of reflection on the temple covenants we've made that bind us as a family. What a privilege it was to share the experience with our extended family members!


Grandpa and Grandma Shurtz

Grandma Glabe

Family Photo