Sunday, June 14, 2009

The thing that makes it all worth it...those first smiles

Here are some of Alyson's smiles caught on camera. If you can't tell, we're pretty crazy about her.

Aly's First Hike

For Erin's birthday we decided to do a beautiful hike to Angel's Rest in the Columbia River Gorge. The view from the top was spectacular! After all that hiking, Aly was exhausted...

Aly makes 8

Erin took Aly home to Wenatchee for her grandma's funeral and brother's graduation. All the Shurtz cousins were together for the first time since Aly was born.

Strawberry Season

One of the greatest things we've discovered about living in Oregon are all the U-pick farms. This week for family home evening we picked a box of Hood strawberries for $1 a pound. We've been enjoying strawberry pie and freezer jam all week. Yum!