Sunday, August 30, 2009


Aly loves to laugh and giggle when she plays. She especially loves it when Dave acts like a dog chasing after her, as in this video.

New toys

It's exciting to watch Aly as she discovers new things. Lately she loves to grab her toys (and Mom's hair, and our plates at dinnertime, and Dad's nose, and anything else that gets too close). While at Grandma Shurtz's home in Sequim, we learned how much Aly loves balls, so we purchased one for her. It has quickly become her favorite toy, as evidenced by the smiles in these photos:


While vacationing in Sequim, we took the ferry from Port Angeles to Vancouver Island. It was the first time Dave and Aly had ever been to Canada. We found plenty of fresh fish, breathtaking gardens, intricate architecture, and even a wooly mammoth!

More Sequim photos


Sequim (pronounced "skwim"), Washington is one of our favorite places on earth. This gem of a town is a small, sunny retirement community on the Olympic Peninsula. Wait... did I just say "sunny" and "Olympic Peninsula" in the same sentence? Indeed I did. Sequim is an anomaly, to be sure, and is surrounded by the most breathtaking rainforest and mountain scenery you can imagine alongside the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Picture orca whales, mossy forests, waterfalls, beaches, crystal-clear glacial lakes, and six-foot ferns - that was our vacation in Sequim. And here are some photos of it:

Ducks and wetlands

Aly loves being outdoors, just like her mom and dad. Here are some photographs of us at the wetlands near our home and feeding the ducks at the local pond.