Monday, January 23, 2012

Gotta love Oklahoma!

Since we have moved to flat Oklahoma and never get to go hiking anymore, there's nothing too exciting for Dave to blog about. So I thought I might make a few comments about our adventures in Oklahoma thus far:

First of all, before we first moved here and we told people we were coming to Oklahoma, they always said "Oh, the people there are really nice." Translation: "There's not much nice about Oklahoma except for the people." It's flat. It's windy. People talk with a funny accent. There are nearby chat piles with toxic levels of metals like lead and cadmium. And there are lots of cows. Apart from the toxic metals, none of those things are entirely bad in and of themselves, just not exactly my ideal place to live. But I have to agree that most of the people are pretty nice.

Second, there are some weird food traditions here: homemade noodles for Thanksgiving and black-eyed peas for New Years. Wierd.

And now, I'd like to close by sharing some of the road signs we saw on a recent trip to the zoo in Tulsa:

1. While on a road crossing over a small stream: "DO NOT DRIVE INTO WATER. DO NOT DROWN" (Thanks for the advice.)

2. On another bridge: "$10,000 fine for throwing things off the bridge" (Apparently that's a problem here.)

3. While driving through a construction site: "It is illegal to hit the workers." (Well, I was thinking about taking a worker out, but since it's illegal....)

4. When the right lane ended: "Merge left. IT'S THE LAW" (Do I really have another choice?)